1.2: Select one of the above threats and elaborate how Artificial Intelligence has already been used in security software to detect and defend against it

Network Security


Level 5 Diploma in IT-Web Design

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Network Security

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20 Credits






Assignment Question

Task 1 – 1000 words

Understand computer network security

1.1: Describe 6 common network security threats along with their nature, how will they affect the network and computer (1.1, 1.2)

1.2: Select one of the above threats and elaborate how Artificial Intelligence has already been used in security software to detect and defend against it (1.3)

Assessment Criteria

1.1  Analyse the factors that affect network and computer security

1.2  Identify common security issues in a networked environment

1.3  Analyse the role that artificial intelligence AI) could have in defending networks

Task 2 – 1000 words

Understand methods of maintaining computer security

Assuming you have been assigned to ensure the security of your computer network in your organization and answer the following

2.1: Define the nature of your network and justify the security tool that you will select to implement (2.3)

2.2: Define the types of users in your organization and justify which authentication you would provide for each user role describing their strengths and weaknesses (2.1)

2.3: What are the common attacks that your network can encounter and what are the best practices that you can introduce to each role to minimize risks from them (2.2, 2.4)

2.4: Compare and contrast Host- vs. Network-Based Intrusion Detection Systems (2.5)

Assessment Criteria

2.1  Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of different methods of authentication

2.2  Analyse the nature of different types of attack and malicious codes

2.3  Select the security tool that is appropriate to the nature of the security issue

2.4  Evaluate practices that prevent common attacks from intruders (networks, remote access, email, web security, wireless and instant messaging)

2.5  Analyse the differences between network and host intrusion detection systems


  1. For each of the criteria listed in the first column, circle one box in the corresponding column to the right which best reflects the student’s work on this particular assessment activity (e.g., project, presentation, essay).
  2. Provide specific feedback to a student about each of the criteria scores he/she earned by writing comments and suggestions for improvement in the last row titled “Instructor’s comments.”
  3. To arrive at a mark, total the boxes and divide by 5 to arrive at final mark. Example:
















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