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1 Understand ways in which major, long-term environmental developments affect employment, work and people management in organisations.

A.P1 Explain how psychological perspectives are applied to the understanding of human development.

The purpose of the report is to demonstrate your understanding of what you have achieved, and in doing so to help the marking process.

Project Title: Tower Defence Area Control Game High Concept

700110 Simulation and Artificial Intelligence Assessed Coursework

C.P5 Explain how social inequality affects different groups in society.

A.P1 Explain how sociological perspectives are applied to the understanding of health and social care.

C.P6 Explain how organisational policies and procedures apply legislation to prevent the transmission of different infections in a named health or social care organisation.

A.P1 Explain the causes of different infections and the diseases that can result from them.

A Examine strategies for developing public health policy to improve the health of individuals and the population

C.P6 Compare the influence of different health and safety laws or policies on health and social care practice in a selected setting.

A.P1 Explain the implications of a duty of care in a selected health or social care setting.

C.P5 Demonstrate work-related skills to meet set objectives for work experience tasks.

A.P1 Explain how work experience can support the development of own professional skills and personal attributes for work in the health and social care sector.