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Through theoretical insights and practical applications, learners will gain proficiency in crafting strategic marketing plans that effectively combine various elements to achieve organizational objectives amidst evolving market dynamics.

This module addresses the multifaceted challenges inherent in contemporary marketing practices, emphasizing the integration of product development, promotion, distribution, pricing, and relationship management

Summarize the key findings from the case study analysis and emphasize the importance of innovation in shaping successful marketing strategies. Discuss how companies can leverage innovation to stay ahead of competitors

Compare the innovative marketing strategies implemented by the two companies analyzed in the case studies. Reflect on similarities, differences, and the effectiveness of each approach in achieving marketing objectives and driving business growth.

Explore how the strategy helped the company differentiate itself and gain a competitive edge.

Assess the impact of the innovative marketing strategy on the company`s competitiveness within its industry.

Discuss the lessons learned and any adjustments made to refine the strategy over time.

Highlight any challenges or obstacles faced during the implementation of the innovative strategy.

Analyze how the strategy impacted brand awareness, customer engagement, sales, and market share.

Develop SMART strategic marketing objectives for an organization.

Explain the key elements of the strategy, including tactics, channels, and technologies used.

Describe the innovative marketing strategy implemented by the company.

Analyze and apply different marketing concepts in a range of organizational contexts.

Identify the marketing challenge or opportunity the company faced that led to the adoption of innovative strategies.