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2. Justify, as relevant to the particular texts/discourses under study, the selection of analytical tools for the analysis of language patterns of texts discourses.

1. Select appropriate analytical tools for the analysis of language patterns across the course of whole, authentic texts discourses

Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) Mixed Mode

(A) There is always conflict of interest exists between stockholders and managers. Theoretically the stockholders are expected to workout control over managers through the annual meeting or through the board of directors.

Yana Ltd wants to improve on its Capital and therefore one of the directors is looking forward to your expertise on the following specific points as you are an independent financial analysist

Yana Ltd has witnessed a continual increase of revenue in recent years. A key supplier required by Yana Ltd is located in Germany and its customers are located in and around Europe.

Yana Ltd is a whole sale business and it had started with a single store 50 years ago. As the business of the company expanded over a period of time, the company also entered the European markets.

LO3 - Critically appraise needs assessment as a tool for planning, priority setting and evaluation of services

LO2 - Critically examine and define health and social needs and distinguish between population needs and individual needs

LO1 - Critically evaluate the theoretical and conceptual components of needs assessment and evaluation.

2. Using appropriate section headings, provide a clear rationale for the choice of the health need under examination, your chosen area/population and the HNA approach adopted.

1. Identify a health need within a specific geographical area and/or for a specific population and outline the stages you would follow to carry out a Health Needs Assessment (HNA)

7HW142 Assessing the Health Needs of Populations

For the Academic Year 2023-24, the target country identified by Ian in his expert guest lecture on Mon 09 October is Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. The mode of entry requested is FDI (i.e. not exports).