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A brief summary of your learning and the presentation of a detailed learning contract for future actions and developments.

A brief introduction to your portfolio explaining the goals of your development on this module and course. Briefly explain the reflective model you intend to use.

Present the work using a report in which the process and product are described, analysed, and critically evaluated. (Final)

Apply theoretical and practical concepts from the programme of study to the construction of a solution to a practical problem. (Initial and Final)

C: Interpret the results of fitness tests and health screening techniques for a specified purpose

B: Use health screening techniques and fitness tests for a specified purpose

A: Examine a range of laboratory-based and field-based fitness tests

Unit 7: Functional Sports Massage

B: Undertake client consultation and assessment for a sports performer

A: Explore the importance of the sports massage profession for sports performers

C: Develop treatment and rehabilitation programmes for common sporting injuries

B: Explore risk factors for the management and prevention of common sporting injuries

A: Explore different types and causes of common sporting injuries and how they affect sports performers

Unit 4: Nutrition for Physical Performance