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1.1 Differentiate between different types of mobile communication device

3.1 Evaluate the features and services provided by a local and a wide area network.

1.2 Differentiate between ‘client computers’ and ‘peer computers’ from network services perspective.

3.1 Be able to create or modify components of websites to meet business needs.

1.1 Identify popular programming languages that are used within computer systems.

3.3 Evaluate suitable components to meet user requirements within a professional environment.

1.2 Evaluate the role of computer systems in different environments.

Write concise, coherent and informed arguments of how social, cultural, ethical, environmental and sustainability theory applies to digital media practise;

Research, analyse and critically evaluate effective disruption practices;

To better understand the nature of a proposed change by recognising the need for, scale of and potential resistance to that change

Aim: To consider how the competing values approach can be applied effectively in change situations

You should identify what is meant by the scientific method, the methodology that makes psychology scientific, and explain the benefit of this in terms of the validity of psychological research, for example, research designs

LO3 Evaluate how brands are leveraged/extended over time domestically and internationally

LO1 Explain how brand is built and managed over time with the importance of branding as a marketing tool and why and how it has emerged in business practice.