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Group member 2 to perform an industry analysis and evaluate how the degree of power in the different forces impacts your industry.

Group member 1 to provide an overview of your company, including, strategic vision, mission, values, objectives, and financial performance.

MOD003337 Practical - Group Strategy Simulation

L5: Demonstrate an understanding of key strategic management concepts, models and literature and apply knowledge of strategic decision making in a variety of `real world` contexts.

L2: Integrate business capabilities and functions in an analytical manner.

L1: Improve abilities of strategic problem identification, analysis, and solution.

Comment on how the following societal factors affect the management of health and safety in your chosen organisation

Activity 4: Commenting on societal factors

(b) Based on the outcome of your analysis in 7(a), identify TWO actions that could improve or sustain health and safety culture in your chosen organisation.

makes TWO recommendations for improving the monitoring and measuring techniques used in your chosen organisation.

evaluates the effectiveness of your chosen organisation’s health and safety monitoring and measuring techniques

Activity 3: Commenting on verbal and printed communication skills

critically reviews techniques for monitoring and measuring health and safety performance

Activity 2: Preparing a brief research report onmonitoring andmeasuring techniques