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Reasons for Pegging Kuwait Currency (Dinar) to Basket Countries – Interest Rate of State of Kuwait دولة الكويت (Arabic) Dawlat al-Kuwait

Explain and evaluate different approaches to the practice and analysis of project management to deliver efficient and effective project outcomes

Understand the nature of leadership in the context of project management

Explain, and critically analyse, a range of contemporary managerial concerns relating to teams, conflict resolution and management

How has Afghanistan been represented in the West? How has this affected Western policy towards the country?

Display an understanding of the historical, ethical, and cultural contexts of both a research question and the sources used to answer it.

Critically evaluate information for its quality, accuracy, bias, authority, and relevance.

Demonstrate the ability to summarize, synthesize, quote, and document sources, using an appropriate documentation style

Determine the quantity of information needed, including supplemental sources, in order to satisfy a well designed research question.

Conduct research, engaging search strategies and locating the relevant sources.

Engage critically with transformative texts, drawing on multiple perspectives including the individual, the historical, and the contemporary.

Demonstrate critical thinking about writing through reading, analysis, discussion, composing and revising texts in a range of genres.

Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of rhetorical situations and choices for a variety of audiences and contexts.

SCLA 101 Transformative Texts: Critical Thinking & Communication I: Antiquity to Modernity