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Critically discuss the procurement method adopted to obtain various contracts for the new power plants projects against its competitiveness including the approach to evaluating and selecting bidders.

Apply market segmentation and target marketing strategies considering the different stages of product life cycle for the purpose of ensuring updated product offerings to the right customers and to counter the competition

Using your literature research explore how HR analytics can contribute to effective Human Resource Management (HRM) and organisational performance. Critically analyse the key factors and barriers to HR analytics implementation

Demonstrate theoretical and empirical knowledge in HR strategy in terms of its role in building sustainable competitive advantage.

LO1 Understand factors which impact on an organisation’s internal environment

Discuss how the changes affect the accounting of leases of your chosen company (analyse the accounting policy on leases in the notes to the financial reports).

Analyse methods of selecting individuals into teams and demonstrate competence when undergoing assessment

Critically discuss how the use of creative accounting practices can affect asset-based, multiple earnings and discounted cash flow valuation techniques?

Assess the business and technical issues related to contemporary digital commerce.

P1 Present an overview of the digital marketing landscape and compare online and offline marketing concepts.

Compare and contrast the merits and limitations of different research approaches and how they inform a research proposal

Recognise, organise and manage the process of researching and analysing entrepreneurial opportunities in the context of the global market environment and its competitive constraints

A brief summary of your learning and the presentation of a detailed learning contract for future actions and developments.

A brief introduction to your portfolio explaining the goals of your development on this module and course. Briefly explain the reflective model you intend to use.