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6. Evaluate the role of line managers in supporting transfer of learning for their team members, and how the L&D function can support them in this. (AC 3.3)

5. Critically assess two strategies for supporting the transfer of learning from learning and development activities to the workplace. (AC 3.2)

4. Explain the concept of ‘transfer of learning’ and its significance in workplace learning. (AC 3.1)

3. Explore the ethical factors involved in facilitation of learning. (AC 2.3)

2. Discuss the concept of facilitation and how three different facilitation techniques can be used to support learning. (AC 2.1)

1. Prior to delivering a learning event, there are a number of factors for a facilitator to consider. Evaluate what these are in relation to: preparing resources, preparing learners, and preparing yourself as facilitator. (AC 1.1)

This task seeks to assess your detailed knowledge and understanding of facilitation and how to ensure it has a positive impact.

5LD03 Facilitate personalised and performance focused learning

2. Conduct an analysis of ONE company from the list provided, using Carroll’s CSR Pyramid

1. Define, using ONLY academic sources, the concept of Corporate Social Responsbility and briefly discuss current trends in CSR practices

2. Choose ONE Social Enterprise from the list provided and demonstrate how it meets each of the four main characteristics (social purpose, trading activity, full cost recovery, profits reinvested)

1. Explain, using ONLY academic sources, the difference between Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship

Remember that no decision maker is likely to approve such an expenditure without understanding the system`s impact on areas like inventory and purchasing control, information on decision making

Focus on at least one critical business process where SAP implementation is expected to significantly impact it. Undertake a comprehensive evaluation of the pros and cons associated with SAP implementation