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2. Design a multidisciplinary plan of care which supports care of a ‘vulnerable’ person.

1. Evaluate how psychosocial, economic and physical environments shape vulnerability.

In what ways are developments in technology currently affecting the management of people within your organisation, or one that is familiar to you, and your own work as a people professional? Illustrating your answer with TWO distinct examples

Hi-Tech Crime CRIM30375 Research Report 2023-2024 Cohort SUMMATIVE Assessment

Review the current evidence underpinning the nursing care set out in your care plan, and show how this evidence will ensure care will be effective in meeting the needs, preferences and priorities of the service user.

4. Understand the ethical and legal principles which underpin collaborative and person-centred health care practice.

3. Describe the role of the nurse in delivering person-centred nursing care across a range of environments and healthcare settings.

2. Identify the principles of partnership working with people and carers which support the planning and delivery of person centred care.

1. Demonstrate the ability to plan and document nursing care that is person centred and responsive to people’s risks, needs and preferences.

This module will develop your knowledge and skills in planning care in partnership with people in order to ensure that care is person centred and empowering.

NPCG1026 Person Centred Nursing Care

Section two should provide understanding of the role of people professionals in supporting leadership and management initiatives, the range of stakeholders involved, and the impact of successful initiatives on the organisation.

9. Assess the impact and importance that development strategies have on organisational culture, strategy, reputation and performance. (AC 3.3)

8. Explain the range of stakeholders and involvement they have in leadership and management development initiatives. (AC 3.2)