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7. Evaluate the indicators of successful leadership and management development initiatives. (AC 3.1)

6. Discuss the role of people professionals in supporting leadership and management development initiatives. (AC 2.1)

5. Discuss why diversity and inclusion should be an integral component of leadership and management development initiatives. (AC 2.3)

4. Evaluate the different concepts and range of approaches that are available for effective leadership and management development. (AC 2.2)

3. Compare the different knowledge, skills and behaviours required for leadership and management in organisations. (AC 1.3)

2. Explain the key differences between leadership and management roles and styles and the implications of each for organisational effectiveness. (AC 1.2)

1. Analyse the external factors that drive the need for leadership and management within the organisation. (AC 1.1)

During your first meeting with the board, you ask why on reviewing the company’s performance and development records there is an absence of any leadership and management development.

You have recently taken up the role of Learning and Development Manager at Highgate Opticals who are a medium-sized company that manufacture designer eyewear.


5OS06 Leadership and management development

Level 5 Associate Diploma in • People Management • Organisational Learning and Development


12. Discuss processes you have, or could use, for consulting and engaging with internal customers of the people function in order to understand their needs. (AC 3.3)