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Describe and explain the importance of the external global economic environment and its implications for business behaviour

Analyse the strategic rationale behind Amazon’s acquisition of Zoox

Have critically reviewed the development of inter-personal and intra-personal skills in relation to what employers seek in postgraduate students

In assessing the financial performance and position of your chosen company, you are required to calculate and interpret a minimum of ten ratios to include profitability, efficiency, liquidity and financial gearing

2.2 What benefits might a company gain from having its shares listed on a stock exchange?

Demonstrate a critical understanding on the nature and scope of leadership in organisations

Systematic understanding of career planning and factors that impact on career trajectories and developing managerial and collaborative working strategies to identify and manage relevant personal and organisational related strategic leadership ambitions

Create a scenario planning diagram showing the 4 strategic choices facing your chosen company or industry

Critically discuss the procurement method adopted to obtain various contracts for the new power plants projects against its competitiveness including the approach to evaluating and selecting bidders.

Apply market segmentation and target marketing strategies considering the different stages of product life cycle for the purpose of ensuring updated product offerings to the right customers and to counter the competition

Using your literature research explore how HR analytics can contribute to effective Human Resource Management (HRM) and organisational performance. Critically analyse the key factors and barriers to HR analytics implementation

Demonstrate theoretical and empirical knowledge in HR strategy in terms of its role in building sustainable competitive advantage.

LO1 Understand factors which impact on an organisation’s internal environment

Discuss how the changes affect the accounting of leases of your chosen company (analyse the accounting policy on leases in the notes to the financial reports).