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Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and understanding of information-as-resource and how it should be managed in information systems, with the aim of maximising a company’s success.

1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of basic ideas and concepts in chemistry and molecular genetics.

BSBRSK501 - Manage Risk

BSBOHS504B – Apply principles of OHS Risk Management

LO3 Produce a marketing plan for an organisation that meets marketing objectives

LO1 Explain the role of marketing and how it interrelates with other business units of an organisation

Describe and explain the importance of the external global economic environment and its implications for business behaviour

Analyse the strategic rationale behind Amazon’s acquisition of Zoox

Have critically reviewed the development of inter-personal and intra-personal skills in relation to what employers seek in postgraduate students

In assessing the financial performance and position of your chosen company, you are required to calculate and interpret a minimum of ten ratios to include profitability, efficiency, liquidity and financial gearing

2.2 What benefits might a company gain from having its shares listed on a stock exchange?

Demonstrate a critical understanding on the nature and scope of leadership in organisations

Systematic understanding of career planning and factors that impact on career trajectories and developing managerial and collaborative working strategies to identify and manage relevant personal and organisational related strategic leadership ambitions

Create a scenario planning diagram showing the 4 strategic choices facing your chosen company or industry