7078HUM Principles and Practice of Education Management

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Principles and Practice of Education Management 

Module Code: 7078HUM
Assignment Title: CW2 (Coursework 2)
Assignment Due:
Assignment Credit: 10 credits
Word Count (or equivalent): 2650 +/- 10% words
Assignment Type: Percentage Grade (Applied Core Assessment). You will be provided with an overall grade between 0% and 100%. You have one opportunity to pass the assignment at or above 40%.

Assignment Task
For this coursework, you can choose one from the two options proposed here below.

Option 1 –
You will have to write a 2650-word (+/- 10%) report for which you are the Head of the School in a Secondary School (or in a level of School of your choice) in your country, OR, you are the Associate Head of School Student Experience/Recruitment in a University in your country.

In a post-COVID world, with the financial and economic consequences that affected education across the planet, discuss, with reference to relevant educational management, leadership and administration theories and principles:

  1. Your current context (description of the environment, institute, vision, mission…);
  2. The changes that may need to be implemented to successfully thrive in this new context;
  3. The factors that will affect successful community engagement at a local level;
  4. The factors that will affect opportunities for global outreach (if applicable);
  5. Any new challenges that could be posed at different levels in the organisation, and how you might handle them,
  6. Add final recommendations.

For points 2-6 remember to include internal and external factors, who the stakeholders involved are and how.
You can consider including current research in educational leadership and management to highlight if and how it can enhance your approaches to these issues (you can provide examples and discuss these to support your argument).

Option 2 –
You will have to write a 2650 (+/- 10%) essay on the article ‘Educational Management Challenges for the 21st Century’.
In your work you will have to illustrate the article’s main assertions and discuss if you believe that what is proposed in it would be feasible in an educational context known to you, carrying out a critique of what the authors suggest.

Tarragó F.R., Wilson A.E. (2010) Educational Management Challenges for the 21st Century. In: Reynolds N., Turcsányi-Szabó M. (eds) Key Competencies in the Knowledge Society. KCKS 2010. IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, vol 324. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.
For both options - A minimum of 8 academic references/resources must be included and be matching the in-text citations (and vice-versa).

Learning Outcomes:

Critically assess fundamental theories and principles of education management, leadership, and administration.

Critically appraise and compare the benefits and challenges presented by different methodological approaches to education management, leadership and administration.

Critically evaluate the factors affecting successful educational management, leadership, and administration.

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