7HW142 Assessing the Health Needs of Populations

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7HW142 Assessing the Health Needs of Populations 

Assessment Brief
1. Identify a health need within a specific geographical area and/or for a specific population and outline the stages you would follow to carry out a Health Needs Assessment (HNA).
2. Using appropriate section headings, provide a clear rationale for the choice of the health need under examination, your chosen area/population and the HNA approach adopted.  The following structure should be used:

1. Introduction which identifies a health need within a specific geographical area, or for a specific population – providing relevant statistical information and background details
(Section 1: 20 marks – approx. 700 words)

2.Outline the main HNA approaches available to examine this issue, briefly apply them to your topic and then identify one appropriate HNA approach that you will explore further in your assignment. (Section 2: 20 marks – approx. 700 words)

3. Explore the stages involved in your chosen HNA approach and explain how each of these would be carried out
(Section 3: 30 marks – approx. 1,000 words)

4. Critically appraise current strategies used to address the health need
(Section 4: 10 marks – approx. 300 words)

5. Identify and make hypothetical recommendations to address the identified need, including details around how the success of these could be evaluated
(Section 5: 10 marks – approx. 300 words)

Support your points with relevant academic literature and use Harvard referencing; present your work clearly, using appropriate structure and clear academic writing style (10 marks)

Note – you are not actually doing a HNA; you only have to provide an outline
Total word count – 3,000.  If your work is more than 10% over or under this word count your grade will be reduced. (Reference lists and appendices are not included in the word count). Suggested word limits for individual sections are approximate, and for guidance only.

For information on late submission, please see the University’s Late and Extension Policy and Procedures.
Should you be unsuccessful at your first attempt, you may be allowed to resubmit your work, in such as case you will be advised about a resubmission date. 

Module Learning Outcomes:

  • LO1 - Critically evaluate the theoretical and conceptual components of needs assessment and evaluation.
  • LO2 - Critically examine and define health and social needs and distinguish between population needs and individual needs.
  • LO3 - Critically appraise needs assessment as a tool for planning, priority setting and evaluation of services.

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