Analyse the pattern of internationalisation activities of your company using relevant International Business theories (approx. 2000 words). This includes addressing “why”, “what”, “where” and “how” questions

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7EC502 International Business: Theory and Strategy 

Table 1: Key dates and details

Assessment Type:

Individual report

Assessment weighting:


Word Count


Learning Outcomes:

1 and 2

Description of the assessment

Coursework 1 (40%):

  • You will be randomly allocated an organisation by your Module Leader.
  • Your organisation is planning to expand its footprint in a new country. You are required to critically evaluate the activities of this multinational company using appropriate international business theories.
  • You will: i) examine the internationalisation of its business operations in relation to the theories of international business, and ii) explain the need/benefit for internationalisation to the country you are proposing.
  • This organisation will be used for both coursework 1 and coursework 2.
  • The report should be submitted using the Turnitin link on the Assessments page of Course Resources no later than ------- .
  • Written feedback on the assessment will be available in the Course Resources through Turnitin normally within 3 working weeks of the submission.

Assignment Criteria:

  • Maximum word limit of 2,500 words
  • An up–to–date information on the chosen organisation
  • A clear identification of the main ideas and issues involved
  • The development of those ideas and associated arguments
  • The discussion of the theories of economic globalisation in the context of the operations of the chosen company
  • Clearly defined introduction and conclusion
  • Logically structured and concisely written text
  • Use of relevant and up-to-date information on the chosen company
  • Correctly and appropriately referenced
  • Evidence of wider reading
  • Word processed using 1.5 line spacing. Font 12 Times New Roman.

Report Preparation
The report should include following key sections:

  • Give a brief introduction stating the aim of the report
  • Give a brief background discussion of your company

(Introduction and background should comprise of approx. 250 words)

  • Analyse the pattern of internationalisation activities of your company using relevant International Business theories (approx. 2000 words). This includes addressing “why”, “what”, “where” and “how” questions:
    • Why – why did the firm internationalise?
    • What – what part of business was internationalised?
    • Where – country/region of choice and why
    • How – mode of internationalisation (FDI and non–FDI modes)

Not all the theories studied may prove to be relevant to the analysis of one particular company (remember, more is NOT always better!)– therefore, you may dismiss some theories during your preparation for the assignment.

  • This will be followed by the new internationalisation initiative you are proposing (approx. 150-200 words). You should propose a specific country; not broad regions like South Asia, Latin America, East Africa, etc.
  • Concluding remarks (approx. 50-100 words

Suggested Structure
Title page – CW1, module title, tutor name, student ID number, word count 
Introduction – outline the overall aim of the report and brief background to the company 
Critical evaluation with application of IB theories – outline international activities of the company and critically evaluate these activities using appropriate international business theories (not all theories you have covered in the module will be relevant to your chosen company)
New internationalisation initiative proposed 
Conclusion – summarise the key arguments from your report. Have you addressed your initial aim?
References Section – use Harvard referencing style

The criteria for marking:
The following table shows the criteria and weighting used to award the final grade for your report. 

Table 2: Criteria for marking


% of total grade

Introduction & Background




Quality of Communication & Presentation


Identification of appropriate/relevant theories


Application of theories and critical evaluation


New initiative segment




You are expected to discuss your CW1 progress (which theories you are planning to apply, for example) with your tutor during your seminar time in Week 5. Immediate feedback will be provided which will help you write up the final report.

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