Hi-Tech Crime CRIM30375 Research Report 2023-2024 Cohort SUMMATIVE Assessment

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Hi-Tech Crime CRIM30375 Research Report 2023-2024 Cohort SUMMATIVE Assessment 

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The summative has a word limit of 3000 words.
File format = Microsoft Word or similar but must be readable by TurnItIn

Students should choose one of the following topics:

1. Copyright theft (Intellectual Property, Piracy)
2. Drones (criminal exploitation and/or possibilities for police forces)
3. Hacking (monetary gain, intellectual property theft, invasion of privacy/exploitation)
4. Hacktivism (leaking of corporate and/or government secrets, vigilantism e.g. Anonymous)
5. Harassment (cyberstalking and/or bullying, workplace bullying, trolling,)
6. Hate Crime (any type of computer mediated hate crime including social media & web sites)
7. Fraud (internet enabled fraud schemes e.g. romance scams, counterfeit goods, etc)
8. Organised crime (any form of exploitation of technology by criminal gangs)
9. Sex crimes (e.g. revenge porn, sexting, blackmail & harassment)
10. Social Media issues (e.g. libel, contempt of court, harassment, sex crimes, trolling)
11. Terrorism (exploitation of technology by terrorists)
12. Any other relevant topic approved by the module team*.

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