Learning Outcome 1: Assess the linkages between industry trends and strategic opportunities for aviation development

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AVN4055: Aviation Strategy 

BBA Aviation Management
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Cover Sheet

Course Title

AVN4055: Aviation Strategy


Analysis of the local aviation sector in a chosen country

Learning Outcomes

LO 1, 2

Learning Outcomes Covered:
Learning Outcome 1: Assess the linkages between industry trends and strategic opportunities for aviation development
Learning Outcome 2: Evaluate aviation business strategy plans and their application to airline success.

Task details: 

  • The report must approximate 2500-3000 words.
  • Strict Harvard referencing.
  • Arial Font 12, justified, 1.5 spacing.

Group of three students maximum

You may select any region/country across the globe to complete the task. Your discussion and argument will follow a scholarly logic as applicable to topics in aviation strategy.

Select any country of your choice and analyse this state’s aviation sector.

  • Explore any five current aviation industry trends and how these present strategic opportunities for your chosen country’s aviation sector to flourish - 40 marks [LO1]
  • You are also required to choose an airline from this country and evaluate its current business strategy, its growth strategies and strategic growth methods to enable success - 55 marks [LO2]

(Hint: Analyse relevant general strategic objectives of airlines located within this state. Assess the internal and external environments through strategic analytical tools such as PESTLE, Porter’s five forces analysis, VRIO (30 marks). You must use the Generic strategies model and Ansoff’s Matrix to evaluate the airline’s business strategies (20 marks). Also, explore the various methods adopted for growth- organic, M&A, alliances etc (5 marks). The reference material can be found under ‘Assignment’ on Moodle).

Introduction- 5 marks
Conclusion and recommendation- 5 marks
Report structure (layout, Table of Contents, references)- 5 marks Total marks- 110 scaled to 20%

Submission Guidelines

  • This is a group assignment, with 3 students maximum and is worth 20% of your grade.
  • Late assignments will be penalized with a 10% grade deduction for each week late, maximum up to two weeks, after which the student (group) will attain a grading of zero.
  • The Assignment must be submitted on Moodle and is subjected to a Turnitin similarity report.
  • The Assignment should be in the proper format with a cover page, Table of Contents, appropriate use of Harvard references in-text and a list of references at the end of the report.

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