LO1 Demonstrate understanding of the application of theories, concepts and tools that contribute to understanding of management

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Management and Organisational Behaviour GBMT 4004 

Assignment Brief
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Component 1: Written Assignment- (Individual Work)

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Learning Outcomes

Component 1
Written Assignment –


 Case Study

 Written Assignment

 1500 word (+/- 10%)


 Term 2- Week 9 –

 LO1, LO2, LO3

Assessment Description
Component 1- Written Assignment- Case Study (Individual written Report)

Submission Format 

Report Format – 1500 words (+ or – 10%) - Microsoft word document   

Unit Learning Outcomes 

LO1 Demonstrate understanding of the application of theories, concepts and tools that contribute to understanding of management
LO2 Understand the difference between the theoretically explained management skills and functions, and applications in real business settings
LO3 Identify individual and team-related employee behaviours exhibited within the workplace

Assignment Guidelines 

The most successful business leaders are ones that continuously look for ways and strategies to drive performance, not just through improving employee productivity, but also their workplace experience and job satisfaction. This can be achieved by understanding how employees interact with each other and management, as well as what motivates them. One way to do this is to study the interrelationship between individual employees, teams, and management to identify what sets the most effective workers apart.

Organisational behaviour describes the behavioural dynamics that occur between groups and individuals in an organisational setting. The following five elements are key to studying organisation behaviour: Organisational Culture, Power, Motivation, Teams, and Leadership.
As a newly employed operations manager, you are required to write a paper of 1,500 words. This paper should be aimed at Managers as well as the CEO and should cover the tasks set out below. Your choice of organisation should be agreed with your tutor during tutorials 

As a recently employed Operations Manager, you have been requested by the CEO to research into the organisation behaviour and produce a report about what you have observed and how the performance of individuals, teams and the whole organisation can be improved. Choose any organisation (those in work may use their organisation of employment) to research, discuss as a case study and present. The purpose of this report will be to establish the influence that organisational culture, power, motivation, team, and leadership have upon behaviour and performances within the organisation. You are required to apply models, theories and concepts learned to produce and submit a case study. 

To complete this report, you should complete the following tasks:
~~ Executive Summary 

Contents Page 
1. Define organisation behaviour and highlight how it influences performance within organisations. Briefly introduce your organisation and signpost what will be covered in the report and in what order. Give examples and references to back up your points where necessary (approximately 150 words). 
2. Provide an overview of your organisation’s culture, politics, and power, using models where necessary and give examples how influence tactics can be used to improve organisation behaviour within the organisation (approximately 300 words
3. Evaluate how motivational theories and techniques have been applied in your organisation and justify with relevant examples and references. Reflect on how you can apply suitable motivational theories to improve staff performance in your chosen organisation (approximately 350 words
4. Identify the types of team arrangements observed in observed in your organisation. Explain with references how teams in your chosen organisation can be made more effective (approximately 250
5. Analyse how you could improve the organisation behaviour using path-goal and/or situational leadership approaches (approximately 350 words
6. A conclusion with recommendations on how your organisation could improve the performance of their staff to meet goals (approximately 100 words
7. Reference List - Make sure that you use the Harvard Referencing style for all visual and written referenced material. See my UCA Library, Canvas, and unit handbook for further information. 
8. Appendices– These are additional information, that are non-essential to the text, but help the reader to understand your arguments. You may insert tables, photographs, questionnaires, charts, and raw data used in the report. 

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