P1 Define business aims and objectives.

Pearson BTEC International Level 2 Extended Certificate in Business


Pearson BTEC International Level 2 Extended Certificate in Business

Unit No.:


Unit Title:

Business Organisations

Learning Outcome (LO) No. :


Outcome Title:

1 Be able to set business aims and objectives.

2 Understand the main functional areas in business organisations.

Assignment No. :


Assessment Title:

Understanding of aims and objectives of business organizations and the main functional areas in business organisations.





In this assessment you will have opportunities to provide evidence against the following criteria. Indicate the page numbers where the evidence can be found

Criteria Reference

To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the student is able to:


Tick if met


Page numbers


Define business aims and objectives.






Describe the purpose for a business in setting aims and objectives.






Write appropriate aims and objectives for a selected business.






Describe the functional areas in contrasting business organisations.






Explain how functional areas link in a chosen organisation.






Compare the aims and objectives of different businesses.






Compare the interaction of functional areas and how they relate to each other in selected businesses to support the business objectives.






Assess whether a selected business meets its aims and objectives.





Task 1.

You need to define what is meant by the aims and objectives in the three selected businesses organizations in the different sectors above and you should describe why the  business organizations set aims and objectives. (P1, P2)

Task 2.

You will look at how business aims and objectives differ for the selected business organisations in different sectors and make a comparison among the selected organizations with distinctly different aims and objectives, and then make an assessment and a supported judgement about whether a selected organization meets its aims and objectives. (P3, M1, D1)

Task 3.

You should describe the functional areas in three selected contrasting businesses. It is acceptable to generalize so if the finance function is described for one of the selected organisation in terms of managing income, expenditure and cash balances, then this would be generally true of finance functions in other organisations. (P4)

Task 4.

You need to show how functional activities are linked in one of the selected business organisations above, you need to explain in comparison how functional activity is linked and supports organisational objectives in the selected businesses. (P5, M2)


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