Unit 4IT08: Web Programming

Unit 4IT08: Web Programming

Unit code: T/617/6699 RQF

Level: 4

Unit Aims

This unit aims to provide learners with web programming knowledge and skills including advanced technologies to upload content onto the internet. Key components of the unit include the application of Personal Home Page (PHP) (Hypertext Pre-processor) and the integration of PHP with My Structured Query Language (MySQL) database.

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria

Learning Outcomes: To achieve this unit, the learner must be able to:

Assessment Criteria: Assessment of these outcomes demonstrates the learner can:

1. Understand the concepts, tools and techniques underpinning web programming

1.1 Define the concept of server-side programming

1.2 Analyse the use of form elements in web programming

1.3 Analyse the use of modular programming

1.4 Analyse the stages of the database system development lifecycle

2. Carry out web programming

2.1 Install and configure Apache, PHP and MySQL to the required standard

2.2 Create web pages using PHP programming language that meet the specification

2.3 Produce dynamic web pages using PHP and MySQL that meet the specification

2.4 Build an interactive web-based application that meets the specification

2.5 Pass variables between pages in response to the specification

Indicative Content

  • Stages of database system development lifecycle and the installation and configuration of AMP
  • PHP syntax
  • Passing variables between pages
  • Connecting to MySQL server
  • Using tables to display data
  • Form elements
  • Letting users edit the databases
  • Regular expression
  • Access control and personalization

Recommended Text

Gilmore, WJ, Kromann, F (2017) Beginning PHP 5 and MySQL 5 from Novice to Professional, Edition: 5, Apres

PHP Manual

Lockhart J (2015) Modern PHP: new features and good practices, Edition: 1, O` Reilly Media

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