Unit 4IT09: Graphical User Interface (GUI)

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Unit 4IT09: Graphical User Interface (GUI) 

Unit code: D/617/6700 RQF
Level: 4

Unit Aims
This unit aims to provide learners with Graphical User Interface (GUI) programming skills. This includes objects, methods and instance variables, problem solving concepts, programming languages and GUI programming. The main focus is on the design principles of GUIs, events handling, classes and interfaces, the use of layout managers, buttons, labels, lists, text fields and panels creation and manipulation, colours and font manipulation.

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria

Learning Outcomes: To achieve this unit, the learner must be able to:

Assessment Criteria: Assessment of these outcomes demonstrates the learner can:

1. Understand the concepts, tools and techniques underpinning Graphical User Interface (GUI)

1.1 Define the concept of object-oriented programming

1.2 Analyse the characteristics of classes, methods, arguments, values and variables in object-oriented programming

1.3 Analyse the use and creation of an array

2. Create a GUI application using Java

2.1 Explain how to apply the syntactical rules of Java to create a GUI

2.2 Implement the GUI component classes

2.3 Write a GUI application that meets the brief

2.4 Test the effectiveness of the GUI against the requirements of the brief

Indicative Content

  • Methods, arguments, values and method overloading
  • Classes and objects
  • Arrays
  • GUI programming
  • Layout managers
  • NetBeans IDE using GUI Builder
  • GUI components
  • Graphics
  • Mouse event and key event handling
  • Advanced GUI applications

Recommended Text
Gaddis & Muganda (2018) Starting Out with Java: From Control Structures through Data Structures, 2 edition, Addison-Wesley
Lee Zhi Eng (2016) Qt C++ GUI Programming Cookbook: Design and build a functional, appealing and user-friendly graphical user-friendly graphical user interface, Packt Publishing, Birmingham, UK
Spolsky J and Winer D (2001) User Interface Design for Programmers, Apress, Berkeley, USA

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