Unit 4IT10: Programming Concepts and Java for Android Programming

Unit 4IT10: Programming Concepts and Java for Android Programming

Unit code: H/617/6701 RQF

Level: 4

Unit Aims

This unit aims to develop programming skills. This unit includes variables, control and decision (if and switch) as well as loops and program control (for, while, do-while).

This unit also enables learners to develop software for Android telephones using Java development tools. The emphasis is on developing applications as a community that run on the Android platform. Successful completion of this unit will give learners an insight into today’s common procedures for getting their mobile application work published.

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria

Learning Outcomes: To achieve this unit, the learner must be able to:

Assessment Criteria: Assessment of these outcomes demonstrates the learner can:

1. Create a computer program

1.1 Define conditions, loops and program control

1.2 Use different kinds of control structures to create a program

1.3 Apply a range of techniques (data and expressions, classes and objects, conditions and decisions, loops and program controls and arrays) to create a computer program that meets the specification

2. Create an Android program

2.1 Create a responsive and touch-friendly user interface through the use of mobile user interface design techniques and standards

2.2 Apply a range of techniques (activities and layout, components, intent, toast, broadcast mechanism, service and storage) to create an Android program that meets the specification

2.3 Analyse the application of a range of development tools

Indicative Content

  • Programming language, Java, program development and the Java Development Toolkit
  • Java Development Tool, creating a Java application using console output and using GUI output
  • Data and expressions
  • Using classes and objects
  • Condition and decision
  • Loops and program control
  • Method declaration, calling method, and passing parameters to method
  • Arrays
  • Types of Android API, development tools, Android Studio installation and configuration and update SDK
  • Program structure
  • Activities and layouts
  • UI components and layout
  • Intent and Intent filter
  • Themes and styles
  • Toast, notification and dialogbox
  • Broadcast receiver
  • Service
  • Persistence storage (file and SQLite)
  • Content providers
  • Multimedia
  • Sensors
  • Publishing Android applications

Recommended Text

Gaddis & Muganda (2018) Starting Out with Java: From Control Structures through Data Structures, 4th Edition, Pearson

Bill Phillips, Chris Stewart, Kristin Marsicano (2017), Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (3rd Edition), Big Nerd Ranch Guides

Abazi B (2017) Android Development with Java: Step by step guide to build applications.

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