2. Explanation and evaluation of HRM practices

Title: Human Resource 


1.  Intro to task brief

2.  Explanation and evaluation of HRM practices

      2.1.    Workforce planning

      2.2.    Recruitment and selection

      2.3.    Development and training

      2.4.    Performance management and reward systems

3.  Analysis of importance of employee relations

     3.1.    Employee relations and industrial relations

     3.2.    Employee engagement

     3.3.    The flexible organization

     3.4.    Employer of choice

     3.5.    Impact of employee relations on HRM decision making

4.  Identify and evaluate the key areas of employment legislation

      4.1.    Employment rights act

      4.2.    Equality act

      4.3.    Working time and minimum wage regulations

      4.4.    Impact of legislation on HRM decision making


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