2 Understand different models for delivering the learning and development function.

Title of unit/s: Managing the L&D business function

Learning outcomes:

1 Understand the evolving nature, purpose and business improvement activities of the learning and development function in contemporary organisations.

2 Understand different models for delivering the learning and development function.

3 Be able to manage different aspects of the learning and development function.

Assessment brief/activity:

Activity 1:

You have applied for a position as an L&D manager and have been invited for interview. As part of the selection process you have been asked to give the panel a presentation on your understanding of the L&D function, different delivery models and if appointed, how you would manage the function based on the updated job description provided when you were short-listed. In your presentation, you should:

 Identify the key purposes of the L&D function in organisations. You should include in your notes pages how this has evolved over the last five years.

 Identify at least three L&D activities that contribute to business improvement.

 Compare and contrast at least three different roles in L&D.

 Present a critical assessment of the relative merits of at least three different models of delivering L&D services.

 Explain at least four of the key roles and responsibilities of an L&D manager.

 Give at least three examples of how you have or would provide leadership, guidance and support to members of an L&D team.

Activity 2:

You have also been asked to devise and provide to the panel, an example of a oneyear L&D plan. Your plan should include:

 At least three L&D objectives and key activities with timelines for achieving these.

 Success indicators for each objective and plan for monitoring and evaluation

 Any additional resources required

 Projected costs of delivery of the plan with a set of assumptions (you only need to include additional costs in the plan i.e. not current staffing or indirect costs)


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