3.1 Demonstrate critical and reflective awareness of ethical issues in a given context

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5L7Z0015 Policy Evaluation 

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Key task and word count (or equivalent):

  1. A 3,000 words (minimum) academic journal style, as described below
  2. A separate clearly explained Do file of your statistical coding

Unit Learning Outcomes.

  1. Use critical analysis skills and Theories of Change (TOC) to decide on the most appropriate techniques to employ in evaluating a policy scenario
  2. Effectively use the most appropriate estimator in the policy scenario
  3. Critically analyse the results of the estimator and how they relate to the research question/policy
  4. Present results in a professional manner for subsequent academic evaluation or policy decision making

World Class Professional
Skills (PLOs) assessed.
In this unit you will be introduced to the professional skills below and their measurement is embedded within the rubric, rather than set out as a separate section for you to achieve.

PLO 1: Our postgraduates will apply critical thinking to the analysis of situations, draw appropriate conclusions and make recommendations for action
1.1      Identify, acquire and analyse data and information to evaluate its relevance and validity
1.1.1   Identify data appropriate to the topic area
1.1.2   Select and apply analytical tools appropriate to theoretical perspective (s)

PLO 3: Our postgraduates will apply a critical and reflective awareness of sustainability and ethical issues
3.1      Demonstrate critical and reflective awareness of ethical issues in a given context
3.1.1   Demonstrate knowledge of ethical guidance applicable to discipline and contemporary discipline.
3.1.2   Identify and critically analyse ethical dimensions
3.2      Analyse sustainability challenges in the business situation taking into account stakeholder interests
3.2.1   Reflection of the implication sustainable decisions have upon stakeholders

A replication and critical analysis of the mental health or empowerment element only of the project:
Impact evaluation of the non-contributory social pension programme 70 y más in Mexico March 2014
Authors: Aarón Salinas Rodríguez, Betty Manrique Espinoza, Karla Margarita Moreno Tamayo, Pilar Torres Pereda, Vanessa De la Cruz Góngora, Gustavo Ángeles Tagliaferro, Martha María Téllez-Rojo Solís

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