7. Introduction & Conclusion (5 marks): At the beginning of your report name your company, its product/service, country and a summary of the tasks.

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Customer Experience Strategy 

MSc Management
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Assessment Brief
You are required to write a 2500-word report on the customer experience (CX) strategy of one (1) company product/service shown below. You should base your report on the analysis of their CX strategy in one specific country in which they operate, which you must identify in the introduction to your report.

Choose one company (1) in the chart below:

Company Country
Lexus Any
Marks and Spencer UK
Marriot Hotels Any

You should write your report for the Board of Directors of the company you have chosen from the list above. Within the business report, reference should be made to relevant CX concepts, literature and application as appropriate. Only use tables to answer the requirements where it is suggested to do so. You need to address the following tasks:

1. The importance of customer experience (10 marks): Define and explain the concept of customer experience. State why CX is important to your chosen company’s product/service in the market in which it operates. (Suggested word count: 300 words)

2. Consumer persona creation (15 marks): Define and explain what a consumer persona is and describe its role in developing effective CX strategy. In application to the company product/service identify a consumer persona of a millennial (aged 30-35) and provide the following elements in a visual format (graphic or table):
a. Demographics and story of the millennial persona.
b. The millennial persona’s goals for using product/service.
c. Motivations for choosing the brand for the millennial persona.
d. Painpoints the millennial customer has that your brand solves.
(Suggested word count: 200 words)

3. Mapping the customer journey (15 marks): Define and explain what a customer journey is and discuss its importance to CX strategy. Define and explain customer journey map, in relation to your millennial consumer persona (age 30-35) identified in task 2, using an infographic or table, map their customer journey. This should be from the perspective of the millennial consumer persona and include the following:
a. Stages of the journey (across the top of the grid)
b. Persona needs
c. Activities
d. Feelings
e. Painpoints
f. Potential opportunities for improvement
(Suggested word count: 200 words)

4. Omnichannel marketing (15 marks): Define and explain what is meant by omnichannel marketing and define and explain the role of customization in omnichannel marketing. Identify for your chosen company product/service the different sales and marketing channels used and analyse how effective your chosen company is in achieving a seamless customer journey. (Suggested word count: 550 words)

5. CX performance metrics (15 marks): Define and explain the concept of performance metrics. Explain and calculate the following performance metrics Customer Effort Score (CES) and Customer Equity (CE). Provide a justified recommendation of why or why not these performance metrics are important in the case of your chosen company product/service. (Suggested word count: 500 words)

6. CX processes in different industries (20 marks): Define and explain the concept of CX Critical Success Factors (CSFs). Describe the following CSFs- Structure, People, and Measurement, and the process to implement them in your chosen company. Then compare the recommended CSFs in your chosen company and Facebook. (Suggested word count: 600 words)

7. Introduction & Conclusion (5 marks): At the beginning of your report name your company, its product/service, country and a summary of the tasks. At the end of your report provide a conclusion on how effective your chosen company product/service CX strategy is, using evidence from the previous six tasks to support your reasoning. (Suggested word count: Intro 30 words, conclusion 120 words – total 150 words between the two)

8. Presentation (5 marks): present your report in a structured and professional manner using Harvard referencing guidelines.

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