Apply effective time management in relation to required hours of study and assessment events.



Module name

Study Skills and Communication B (First Year/UG Stage 2)

Module code

UG02 – SSC – B





Assessment number


Type of assessment




Assessment Title

Individual Project  

The project will be related to the student’s individual pathway of study and may consist of other media in addition to text (visual, material, other media in addition to text (visual, material, audio, performance-based)

Issue date

Week 1

Submission date     


Week 12

Feedback date

Week 14


Minimum 2,000 – maximum 3,000 words

Learning Outcomes Assessed

A-3 Use university library, e-learning and IT facilities; SMULIC resources and personal resources to support studies at First Year / UG Stage 2.

A-4 Apply effective time management in relation to required hours of study and assessment events.

A-8 Recall the history of academic scholarship in relation to the relevant subject area(S) and the associated nomenclature to facilitate clarity of communication.

A-10 Recall techniques for achieving clarity in writing that can be applied in a range of written formats.

A-12 Recognise the importance of style and register in the composition of written work for undergraduate study

A-17 Demonstrate self-reliance and organisation skills required to work productively on an individual basis.

A-19 Apply research and referencing techniques competently in a range of forms within an academic context in order to avoid plagiarism and collusion.

B-2 Select and utilise relevant nomenclature and terminologies in appropriate subject contexts.

C-1 Demonstrate effective organisation in relation to meeting assessment deadlines.

C-2 Apply techniques and e-resource for the proficient collation, analysis and presentation of data in both oral and written formats.

C-4 Demonstrate competent writing skills, deployed in a range of formats and contexts

D-4 Demonstrate the ability to exploit (select, evaluate, summarise, process) information in a variety of forms and to identify key fact/themes and relevancy.



How you should present your work


Via TurnitIn  


How we’ll give you guidance

Lectures and classes on writing a report and use of academic English.

How the assessment will be marked

According to Assessment Criteria by UC below.


How you will get feedback

Feedback via Turnitin week 14 after marking.


If you have problems submitting work or submitting work on time


Contact tutor via Moodle/Blackboard or email.

If you are ill or have personal problems

1)      Contact tutor

2)      Contact Student Services Manager


If you engage in academic misconduct (cheating)

A score of zero could be given.


Similarity report 30% - 49% - submission will be marked on merit

Similarity 50% or more  - submission will me marked 0 marks due to plagiarism

If you don’t pass at the first attempt

The Study Skills and Communication (UG01 – SSC – A ) module carries a standard minimum progression requirement at grade C / 65%. Students that fall below this grade will be given the opportunity to take reassessment to gain a score of 65%. Students will be notified of the reassessment tasks and the deadlines for submission.



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