Assess the market environment in the context of contemporary issues including digital transformation, marketing ethics and sustainability

Market Research and Ideation

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Strategic Marketing Entrepreneurship

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Assignment Format & Maximum Word count (consider assignment load)

Assignment 1- Group Market Research and Ideation: PowerPoint on the Market research and ideation for a new product launch



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4 weeks from the submission date

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Assignment Criteria

Learning Outcomes: Knowledge and Understanding tested in this assignment:

 Develop a critical understanding of the role and processes of strategic marketing planning in the creation of value and/or competitive advantage for an organisation.

  • Examine the role and processes of innovation and business model development to create new ventures, products, and services in response to growth opportunities.
  • Assess the market environment in the context of contemporary issues including digital transformation, marketing ethics and sustainability

Learning Outcomes: Skills and Attributes tested in this assignment:

  • Develop a range of entrepreneurial skills through a new venture or new product/service development project including team working, ideation, innovation, evaluation, communication and persuasion.

Feedback /Marking criteria for this Assignment

  • Performance will be assessed using HBS Grading Criteria (Rubric)
  • Feedback for improvement will be given in writing via your Canvas module site within 4 weeks of submission
  • Lateness Penalty: For each day or part day up to five days after the published deadline, coursework relating to modules submitted late will have the numeric grade reduced by 10 grade points until or unless the numeric grade reaches the minimum pass mark (UG 40/PG 50).  Where the numeric grade awarded for the assignment is less than the minimum pass mark no lateness penalty will be applied.  If the coursework is submitted more than 5 days after the published deadline, it will not be marked and a grade of zero will be awarded. Please note: Referred coursework submitted after the published deadline will be awarded a grade of zero (0).”
  • Extensions: Students do not have an automatic right to an extension.  If you require an extension, this must be requested in advance of the submission deadline.  Please give your reason(s) for needing an extension.


Detailed Brief for Assignment 1- Group Market Research and Ideation

There are two (2) parts to the whole Assignment (95%); this is Part 1 of it (30%).

Choose one (1) company from the Social Enterprise listed below:

  • Unpckd - unpckd .com
  • NOAH Enterprise - noahenterprise .org
  • Café Direct - cafedirect
  • Ethiqana Limited - ethiqana .com
  • The Little Coffee and Bean Co. - thelittlebeanco .com

Assignment Title:

Group Work:  Market research and ideation

As a team, you work for a marketing agency. Your manager has asked your team to help on a client project to develop a suitable new product or innovation.

Task 1 Market Research

You will need to undertake comprehensive market research to explore the market situation and define the most appropriate opportunities for this company.

Your research must be supported by credible market information, using the marketing databases that are available in the Business Toolkit from the Learning and Resources Centre (LRC)

Task 2 Ideation process

Once you have completed the market research, you need to use the market information to undertake an ideation process within your group and develop a business model canvas for your proposed innovation or new product.

In your team, together construct and facilitate an ideation process based on your research. You will be given time to do this during the weeks commencing 17th and 24th of October with a choice to work either online or face to face based on the group’s agreed preference.

Your aim is to propose a suitable new product/service or innovation to help the business grow. To be successful, you need to decide on the best tools and techniques to help with your ideation process: e.g., Brainstorming, Mind-mapping, and Mood board. You can use a business model canvas to summarize your ideas.

You will need to think about your client organization: 

  1. What are its values?
  2. What are its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)?
  3. What makes the brand unique?
  4. What is its competitive advantage, or how can it be created? 
  5. What innovation is possible based on the micro and macro environment?

You will be expected to justify the ideation summary by referring to your market research.

Once you have completed both tasks, your group work submission needs to present the research and the ideation process in a PowerPoint presentation.  

Submission requirement: PowerPoint presentation.

Summarise your critical evaluative marketing audit and the ideation process into a PowerPoint presentation for the client company’s directors.

Your presentation must cover the following areas:

  1. Market trends, competition, supply and distribution
  2. The proposed segmentation of the customers available to target
  3. The significant factors affecting the organisation (no more than 8)
  4. The businesses capabilities (based on strengths and weaknesses)
  5. The key opportunities available include met/unmet needs of the preferred market segment
  6. Any relevant ethical or CSR factors
  7. Summarise three ideas from your ideation process that you want to present to the company

Presentation guidelines

You are providing the slides with notes pages to brief your manager/the clients about the market situation. You are not required to give a presentation.

The presentation should be no more than 10 slides (excluding title slide and references), with a professional standard of visual presentation. You are restricted to 100 words per slide on the note pages.

You must also add a title slide that must include a list of your group members by Student ID number. Failure to do this may mean we cannot track who has taken part and awarded their grade.

You must also add a list of the sources (min 5 academic references) you have used at the end of the presentation and a final slide that lists the contribution of each group member (like the credits at the end of the film), again using the student ID numbers.  Please be aware that if an individual does not make a reasonable contribution, they may not receive the same grade as other members. No contribution will mean no grade.

The presentation must be submitted online via Canvas using the appropriate submission portal.

Marking scheme: Research Summary and ideation as a PowerPoint presentation

The presentation is worth 30% of the module grade.

Sections of the assignment breakdown


Delivery = 30pts


Presentation and Structure

10 slides with Notes pages (max.100 words/slide) exclude title slides and reference list Plus 1. Professional cover page that lists group members by ID only 2. Reference list (may be more than one slide) 3. List of credits by student ID - who contributed and how


Intellectual Curiosity

Follows Harvard style for in-text citation & Reference list. 1. Uses marketing databases 2. Includes a range of relevant information from quality sources e.g., Business Toolkit, business pages of broadsheets 3. Includes appropriate academic referencing (min 5)



Evidence of preparation, team building, communications, team co-operation, contribution and participation


Content = 70 pts


Content and Findings

Content included - specify task requirements as on module site and coursework guidance Undertakes comprehensive market research by applying appropriate models to complete a marketing audit.

 Must cover:

1. Market trends, competition, supply and distribution
2. The segmentation of customers available to target
3. The significant factors affecting the organisation
4. The business capabilities
5. The key opportunities
6. Any relevant ethical or CSR factors


Business Application

Demonstrates a detailed ideation process that is evidenced and supported by market research.

Indicates the process of innovation and business model development to create new ventures, products and services in response to growth opportunities.

Summarises three ideas.


Discussion and Analysis

Line of argument, development of discussion and instructional verbs to suit the task and level

Provides insight from market research. Evaluates appropriate opportunities for new product/service/venture development based on market research. Evaluates and understand the client company/context in terms of strategic marketing.





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