Describe the structure of the company, its management and how it is governed

Assignment Title: Business Environment – Interim Assessment 

Task 1.

Describe the structure of the company, its management and how it is governed. - (30 Marks) 

(A) An overview of your chosen company including its history. (10 marks)

(B) Describe the organisational structure of your chosen company.

- How many directors are on the Board? How many of these are executive and non-executive directors?

- Who is the Chairperson of the company, and who is the CEO.?

- When were they elected and appointed? (20 marks)

Task 2.

Evaluate the importance of PESTEL analysis for a business organisation. (This task is not about your chosen company).

- Why is it important for organisations to carry out PESTEL analysis? (20 marks) 

Task 3.

Use the PESTEL framework to analyse the external environment of your chosen company. (40 Marks)

(A) Make a list of the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal (PESTEL) factors that influence the environment of your chosen company (12 marks)

(B) Apply the PESTEL factors you have listed to your chosen company. Give relevant practical examples to illustrate your points (28 marks)

4. Presentation, referencing and grammar (10 marks)

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