Design, develop and discuss a business continuity plan tailored for the selected scenario given with appropriate contingency plans in case service and data becomes unavailable.



Coursework Assignment Specification - Malta

Module Code                                            :       5CS018

Module Title                                             :       Cybersecurity Architecture and Operations

Semester                                                  :      Sem 1

Assessment Type                                     :      Portfolio

Module Leader Name                               :

Module Tutor Name                                 :

Academic Year                                         :       2022/23

Weighting to the Overall Module            :       100%

Date Released to the students                :

Submission Deadline                               :

1.   Portfolio Assessment - Introduction

For this piece of coursework you are expected to consider the security issues involving a particular service or scenario. You can choose the scenario from any of the topics given below and you are expected to provide a risk assessment, security policy and consideration of the ethical implications of the system.


  1. A smart security system that monitors activity in and around a mall to prevent burglary and vandalism
  2. Smart city, protecting critical public services from threat of cyber attacks
  3. A car dealer/showroom
  4. Smart Hospitals Cyber security and resilience
  5. An automatic environmental control system for an office building.

2.   Portfolio Assessment Tasks description

Choose one of the scenarios given above and describe a fictional system that might implement that scenario. Your system does not have to exist in the real world, but should be achievable with today`s technology. It must connect to the internet, have different types of sensors, store multiple types of historical data, have a control node, and be accessible through a mobile device.  You will need to cite the sources of your research to gain marks.

The portfolio assessment consists of three main tasks: 

Detail how you would undertake a detailed risk assessment of the system for your selected scenario. Produce an analysis that utilises the DREAD and STRIDE methodologies for the selected scenario. This should take the form of a short formal report, covering the major infrastructure and software components of the systems. Using the threat information, construct a structured model that provides a comprehensive overview of the attack paths that may be used to compromise the system. Your answer will need to identify threats, vulnerabilities, impacts, priorities and risk treatment options. (2500 words).

Design, develop and discuss a business continuity plan tailored for the selected scenario given with appropriate contingency plans in case service and data becomes unavailable. You should be able to identify the critical business functions and services by performing a detailed Business Impact Analysis (BIA), identify Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) for disaster recovery purposes (1500 words).


You will be given case studies, tasks and research areas over the coming weeks to inform your understanding.  You are to investigate these areas and conduct research in class and in your self directed study time, around eight to ten hours per week should suffice.  You are to complete a portfolio of research based evidence to support your answers to questions posed.  Each week you are to update the weekly sections with your research on the topic for that week.  This forms a portfolio of your understanding.  It should contain models and academic citations and Harvard Referencing.  This will demonstrate your learning and understanding of the whole domain of Cybersecurity.

Ask questions in the tutorials.  There is advice in the resources section on Canvas on how to write a report and an essay to assist you complete your assessments.  Staff will make themselves available in the tutorials sessions to assist you.  They will gladly advise you but are unable to do the work for you.

Marking grids are attached to each task, but we are looking for evidence of advanced academic skills; good subject knowledge, evidence of wide reading and research, ability to analyse and evaluate information and apply it accordingly, and the ability to synthesise knowledge and present a valid argument.

Any assumptions should be stated in your answer.

Formative feedback on Task 1. will be provided to enable you to perform better in future assessments and modules.  Summative feedback will be provided in the form of annotated script on the whole portfolio in Canvas. 

3.   Deliverables

One report in Week 7 on Task 1.

One report in Assessment Week on Task 2 and Task 3.

(Word counts are suggested minimum and are provided for guidance only).

Suggested report structure:

  1. Front Page
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Table of Contents using outline numbering
  4. Introduction: Background of scenario and task
  5. Detailed description of the task
  6. Conclusions
  7. Reference list
  8. Bibliography
  9. Appendices

4.   Submission Guidelines

To be notified in class / via canvas

5.   Marking Scheme

Workshops tasks: 10%

Report 1 for Task 1: Maximum marks 40%

  • Summary: 3%
  • Use of English / Illustrations: 4%
  • STRIDE: 10%
  • DREAD: 10%
  • Attack Tree: 10%
  • Conclusions:3%

Report 2 for Task 2 & 3: Maximum marks 50%

  • Summary: 5%
  • Use of English / Illustrations: 5%
  • Business Continuity Plan: 20%
  • Essay on Legal/Ethical: 15%
  • Conclusions:5%

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