Design/adapt a course and syllabus for a group of students you are teaching or have access to, giving the rationale for your choices


5.1 Syllabus and Course Design Task (Word limit: 2,000 words)

For this assessment you can choose one among the following three tasks.

  1. Design/adapt a course and syllabus for a group of students you are teaching or have access to, giving the rationale for your choices. If you are currently teaching the course, you must evaluate and suggest modifications to it.
  1. Take a course that you have either taught or were yourself a student on in the past and suggest modifications to the design to meet the needs of the students. Suggest a syllabus.
  1. Design a totally new course and syllabus in an area that interests you and in which you have experience. This would probably be within your own country or another country if you have sufficient knowledge
  1. Design a syllabus for teaching asylum seekers in the Square Mile project at DMU.

Your choice will be discussed in class. You need to analyse the process throughout both with reference to the literature/theory in the field and your particular scenario. In other words, your course design should be based on relevant theories/literature. You will lose marks if they are not linked.

Examples of some of the factors you will need to consider:

  • Needs analysis (the theory of needs analysis linked to a suggestion of how you would conduct it for your scenario)
  • Learning theories
  • Teaching methodology
  • Materials choice/adaptation
  • Institutional Resources (teachers, finance, etc.)
  • Assessment of the students
  • Evaluation of the design process itself 

This is a practical assessment with theoretical justification. Small samples of appropriate materials, clearly labelled as either published or adapted (source referenced), or personally designed, must be included in the appendix and you must refer to them in your paper. You must include at least one activity that has been personally designed and one that has been adapted. A suitable syllabus must also be suggested. It is acceptable to adapt a syllabus from published materials, if justified (clearly referenced as adapted).


Tip     Clearly outline the scenario at the outset   – Who are the students? What is the context? What type of course is it? Why do they need this course? How many hours will they be taught per day/week? This will then help you to answer HOW?



5.2       Criteria for Assessment

  1. Ability to demonstrate a critical awareness of the components of the language curriculum
  2. Systematically assess and analyse the course/syllabus design process and the selections of materials as appropriate to different contexts linking theory to practice
  3. Ability to apply acquired knowledge to perform/suggest an appropriate needs analysis
  4. Ability to design or adapt courses, select/adapt materials and suggest a suitable syllabus
  5. Ability to construct and communicate ideas clearly and coherently




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