Emirates Studies (HSS105)

Emirates Studies (HSS105)

This course seeks to establish the national belonging and appreciation of the UAE national achievements through educating students on the key social aspects of the Emirates society, basic values and its inheritance, offering studies in various and significant studies that are relevant to UAE history and geography, aspects of internal and external policy, aspects of the social systems, social human development and citizen`s developmental role & social responsibility, women empowerment and its role in the society services delivered by the State, and the country tendency to sustainable energy, economic development, developmental indicators and the country standing in the global competitiveness. The course also explores the visions of the federal government 2021 and Abu Dhabi 2030, in addition to the future issues of the developmental strategic plans and challenges facing them.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students will be able to :

  1. Express their belonging to their homeland and reveal their appreciation of the country`s achievements.
  2. Explore the central social aspects in the UAE society.
  3. Appreciate the role of the leadership in the building of the country and achieving comprehensive development on the social, economic, cultural and political levels.
  4. Appreciate the role of the Emirati citizens in the development process as the active partners and major players in the construction of the present and the future.
  5. Demonstrate the development process on all levels and explain the role of the state in supporting this policy.
  6. Analyze the UAE`s demographic structure and aspects inherent in the social stability of the country and their impact on the local society.
  7. Illuminate the role of the legislative, executive and Judiciary authorities in the country and the key contributions of government administration.
  8. Underline the pioneering role of the country on the international arena and identify its contributions in the light of global development and competiveness indicators.


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