Explain Contemporary Issues In Food Science And Nutrition.

Contemporary Food Science & Nutrition (FDSC250)

The course introduces students to principles and issues in food sciences, nutrition, and health systems. The course helps student to understand the nature, properties, characteristics, quality and safety of foods, post-harvest handling of fresh foods, preparation and conversion of food commodities into high quality products. In addition, students will study food choices and its effects on personal health, nutritional needs, nutrients, and relationships between diet and disease.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students will be able to :

  1. Describe Methods Used In The Nutritional Assessment Of Individuals.
  2. Explain Contemporary Issues In Food Science And Nutrition.
  3. Explain Principles Of Food Preservation And Processing.
  4. Identify Food Categories, Chemical Components, Nutrients Of Foods And Their Principle Functions In The Body.
  5. Identify Nutritional Needs And Dietary Recommendations For Health Promotion And Disease Prevention.
  6. Identify The Microorganisms Interaction With Foods And Its Effects On Food Quality And Safety
  7. List Factors That Influence Food Selection.


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