Introduction to Academic English For Business (ESPU104)

Introduction to Academic English For Business (ESPU104)

The aim of this mobile-learning enhanced course is to introduce students to conventions of academic English with respect to reading, writing and oral communication skills. Academic reading and writing skills are developed through the reading of disciplinary academic texts, the study of academic essay models and the writing of short academic texts based on research. Academic oral communication skills are developed with particular reference to the effective preparation and delivery of an academic presentation. The correct use of paraphrasing and APA citation are also taught and used throughout.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students will be able to :

  1. Utilize reading skills to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant ideas in source texts and then synthesize and categorize the relevant ones
  2. Annotate, paraphrase, and summarize main ideas and supporting details from academic readings
  3. Exhibit professional and ethical workplace behavior, including the use of APA style to accurately cite data/statistics, research, and expert opinion
  4. Utilize academic source texts to compose a 5 paragraph essay, consisting of 450-500 words, and shows application of academic writing structure for each of the following business report types: Analytical (i.e. a descriptive), Proposal (i.e. problem-solution) and Investigative (i.e. cause-effect)
  5. Demonstrate effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills in oral presentations



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