Islamic Culture (ISLM100)

Islamic Culture (ISLM100)

This is a required general education course aims at studying Islamic culture, its concept, sources, and characteristics. The course also deals with the following areas of Islamic culture: faith, worship, transactions, and personal status. The course discusses a number of life vales in Islam, such as honesty and credibility. The course dwells upon contributions made by the Muslims to the humanities, social, and natural sciences, in addition to some contemporary issues, such as medical issues and the other in Islam.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students will be able to :

  1. Define the basic concepts, facts, and principles related to Islam.
  2. Illustrate the concept of “Islamic culture”, its sources and characteristics.
  3. Illustrate the tolerance of Islam and its respect of human rights.
  4. Identify contributions of Islamic civilization and Muslims to humanities, social, and natural sciences.
  5. Analyze contemporary issues and events from an Islamic perspective, based on moderate, non-extremist approach.



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