L7 Managing Products

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L7 Managing Products 

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Key Details and Requirement

Learning outcomes:
1. Critically assess and awareness of how a physical/ digital product or service is developed to meet customer needs.
2. Gain an awareness of external factors that impacts on product (physical/ digital or services) decisions.
3. Multi-component analysis of business cases, process maps and business issues to gain deeper insights.
4. Ability to prepare a business case for physical/ digital products or services.
5. Critical awareness of the importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues in managing physical/ digital products or services.

Assessment details: Individual written report, 100% (2,500 words)

Write a report which evaluates a genuine physical/digital product or service within your chosen industry/sector, and offers recommendation for the continuous improvement of this product in line with the current industry trends; and/or for the characteristics of a prototype if the chosen product is coming at the end of its life cycle.

As part of this report, you should consider the following areas:

  • Provide an insight of the context within which this chosen product was developed to fulfil the strategic objective(s) of a specific company. You need to clearly explain who has overall responsibility for designing, developing and improving (the ownership) the selected product/service;
  • Critically appraise the key attributes of the chosen product and its main competitors in the current market;
  • Critically analyse the current issues in managing this chosen product within existing macro and micro environments, as well as associated risks;
  • Critically evaluate its current position within its product life cycle and its market;
  • Conclude and recommend key features and processes that this product could continuously improve to be in line with the constantly changing requirements, and/or the characteristics of a prototype if the chosen product is coming at the end of its life cycle.

You are expected to use the concepts and frameworks discussed in the module in preparation of this report.
Report length: 2,500 words. Please note that you can deviate +/- 10% from the word limit stated for this assignment.

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