Planet Earth (GEOL110)

Planet Earth (GEOL110)

The course is designed to all university students in order to provide them with general education knowledge about our planet; its past, present and future changes. The course will include three main sections; the first focusing on Earth evolution in time and space, the second covers the Earth materials and Earth shaping processes and the third deals with natural hazards and the future of earth sciences. The course will be based on lectures, computer assisted exercises, multimedia presentations and seminars.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students will be able to :

  1. Define And Characterize Various Modern Geosciences And Identify Some Of Their Applications.
  2. Explain Fundamental Geological Concepts Used To Identify And Classify Minerals;  Rocks And Fossils.
  3. Explain The Basic Processes Intrinsic To Diverse Geological Events Ranging From The Transportation Of A Sand Grain To The Formation Of A Mountain.
  4. Identify The Earth`S Natural Resources;  Natural Hazards And Paleo-Climatic Changes.
  5. Use Basic Geological Theories And Models To Explain The History Of Planet Eart



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