Produce a reflection on your personal brand and actions you plan to take to achieve your goals


А report in which you reflect upon how to how to create an effective personal brand and plan actions to create your own effective personal brand. The report is based on previous assessment (see the attachment). Your reflection must make use of research into the literature on this topic and specific incidents and an established action planning method.

 Threshold standards: Produce a reflection on your personal brand and actions you plan to take to achieve your goals. Thus, you need to highlight the objectives you’ve set. Note this means a personal brand and not a brand statement. It also means more than an online presence.

Word count: 2000 words + or - 5% (not including introduction’ contents, reference list and appendices)


  • Introduction: Short introduction to the report setting out what the aims and objectives of the report are, what the report will cover and why (not included in the word count)
  • Review of key points from the literature about creating effective personal brands (This should make use of up to date research on the subject. It must include referenced sources within the text and the separate reference section). More guidance and literature in the attached file.
  • Action plan detailing what you will do to create an effective personal brand. (You must use a recognised action planning framework and method. The actions should be specific and relate to the literature above and to your previous work in the unit.
  • Short conclusion 

Requirements for an A paper:

  • A wide range of literature is taken from reliable sources to understand how to create an effective personal brand and to create and revise your own personal brand. Its selection takes into account the currency and relative merits of the literature.
  • The plan is produced using a method that is entirely appropriate to this type of activity is chosen. The results are specific.
  • Specific use of feedback and incidents (please come up with such feedback and situations) are used to develop ideas for action planning. These are likely to be drawn from a wide range of sources and will show connections between behaviours and attitudes across a range of different feedbacks and contexts. Awareness of how these relate to specific career choices is evident.



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