Supply Chain Management & Operations (SCML200)

Supply Chain Management & Operations (SCML200)

This course focuses on methods and principles of operations and supply chain management in manufacturing and services firms. The course offers basic methods of analysis in planning, organizing and controlling supply chain operations. The course also examines topics such as operations and supply chain strategies, forecasting, location planning, inventory control, MRP, JIT, managing quality, capacity management, and process analysis.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students will be able to :

  1. Apply Quantitative Skills To Solve Supply Chain Problems.
  2. Demonstrate The Ability To Communicate Effective Supply Chain Terminology Through Case Studies And Projects.
  3. Describe The Basic And Contemporary Concepts And Principles Of Operations And Supply Chain Management
  4. Identify Basic Methods Of Analysis In Planning, Organizing And Controlling Supply Chain Operations
  5. Show Basic Computer Proficiency In The Use Of Spreadsheets And Tailored Software Applications In Operations And Supply Chain Management



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