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critically evaluate the household waste management strategy of any Local Authority

Critically examine the relevance of established marketing theory in an entrepreneurial micro/small/medium enterprise, (MSME) context and discuss, in light of current literature

LO-1 Identify appropriate people management strategies, procedures and tools.

LO-1 Gather information to examine problems and undertake analysis

LO-1Compare and contrast theories and models associated with people management and its related activities with practice

LO1: 1 Produce feasible objectives (congruent with Masters level study) and an understanding of the significance of the research context.

LO1. Critically evaluates the different approaches and main theoretical contributions of management practice, organisational dynamics and interpersonal relations at work

P1 Define business aims and objectives.

Provide an original scenario, problem for each topic and demonstrate how your newly gained skills can provide an effective solution

1. Know how to scrutinise appropriate learning and development data.

LO1: Understand how the organisation is structured, governed and managed

The government is bidding to host the Olympics. You have been asked to analyse the various impacts of hosting such an event.

Provide a brief analysis of the indeterminacy of employment relations and an assessment of the factors which impact on employment relations.

Understand the nature and context of employment relations