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1. Understand what is required for competence in own work role.

LO1: Differentiate between different approaches to leadership in a social care setting

Discuss the benefit of rights-based, person-centered to a group of service users of your choice.

Reflect and critically evaluate the most difficult aspect of your learning for each of the two operations tasks (Part A and Part B) within this portfolio.

“Critically assess the extent to which vulnerability to exogenous shocks makes global supply chains seriously flawed.”

1. For a country of your choice, present data showing trends in its international trade over the past thirty years in terms of both products and countries traded with. (40%)

To facilitate knowledge and understanding of the full scope, complexity and responsibility of the role of information technology in the corporate environment

Makdisi, George (1970) ‘Madrassa and University in the Middle Ages’, Studia Islamica, 32, pp. 254-264.

4. How significant a role did Muslim women play in Muslim social, political, intellectual and economic history? Students are expected to explore the contentious discussions regarding the portrayals of gender within historical works.

2. The Millet system attempted to organise different communities within one society. Discuss its efficacy in regard to pluralism. Students are expected to discuss the system with the particular reference to its effectiveness in terms of social inclusion.

5.Compare and contrast the Sufi tradition in Islam to one other mystical tradition from another religion.

3.“Sufism is the spiritual heart of Islam.” What are the merits and demerits of this claim?

2.Select a notable scholar of Sufism from Islamic history with the approval of your tutor. Discuss critically their contributions to Islam generally and Sufism more specifically.

3. Provide a clear analysis of policy initiatives that are geared towards tackling this issue