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You have recently been appointed by a large investor in the UK who is seeking to develop Target stores in the UK

5. Explain the role of the cell membrane in regulating how nutrients are gained and waste products lost.

2. Compare and contrast prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and distinguish them from viruses.

1. Explain origins, penetration, energy deposition and measurement of different radiations.

Explain Newton’s Laws of Motion and discuss the implications, giving appropriate examples to support your commentary.

Explain the difference between velocity and acceleration. You must include suitable drawings and/ or diagrams within your response.

1. Describe the fundamental differences between protons, neutrons and electrons in terms of mass and charge.

LO1 Analyse the influence of culture, politics and power on the behaviour of others in an organisational context

To further develop an understanding of research in the context of counselling and psychotherapy and to apply this understanding to practice based research

Understand the theory and principles that underpin outcome based practice

Explain the different types, size and scope of organisations.

Differentiate between the role of a leader and the function of a manager.

Demonstrate an understanding of management accounting systems.

P1 Explain innovation and determine its importance to organisations in comparison with invention.