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b) Evaluate consumer decisions based on indifference curve analysis

a) Discuss the operation of supply and demand

3. Explain the main effects and discuss biohazards of ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

Explain some applications of visible and UV light

3. Explain the uses and hazards of X-Rays in medical applications.

1. Explain the principles and properties of types of electromagnetic waves

You are required to write a research report which highlights the properties and uses of microwaves, infrared, and x-rays, and their potential hazards.

Present a critical assessment of the relative merits of at least three different models of delivering L&D services.

3. Be able to manage different aspects of the learning and development function.

2 Understand different models for delivering the learning and development function.

1 Understand the evolving nature, purpose and business improvement activities of the learning and development function in contemporary organisations.

Explain and justify distinctions drawn between the concepts of leadership and management. (AC 1.2)

2 Be able to explain different approaches to developing leaders and managers and the role of the learning and development function.

1 Understand the distinction between leadership and management.