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Understand, analyse and critically evaluate the integration of employment relations processes and how they impact on policy, practice and organisational outcomes such as performance and employee engagement

Critically discuss to what extent has your legal education (legal system) to date fitted this description, and how such an education has influenced your own legal realism within a culture that you are sufficiently familiar with”

(i)Advise on strategic business decisions, cognisant of the external environment and internal resources affecting the organisation, and identify feasible options.

Apply and critically evaluate the relevant theoretical framework and models of governance and responsibility.

SLO1: Develop strategies to analyse and reflect upon human relations issues in contemporary work environments

Design/adapt a course and syllabus for a group of students you are teaching or have access to, giving the rationale for your choices

1. In what ways do you expect to be impacted by cultural diversity in your future practice as a Registered Nurse?

Read the scenario provided in Appendix 1 to this assessment task and tasks A and B.

1.1 Explain why operations management is important for Euro Tunnel, or any organization of your choice

How does social theory inform, explicitly or implicitly, the conceptualization of the project or problem under study?

1. Evaluate the importance of organisational design to the delivery of sustainable performance

Produce a reflection on your personal brand and actions you plan to take to achieve your goals

2. Can the Commonwealth take over responsibility for funding public transport in Australia? Why or why not?

1. There has been much talk of `disruptive technologies` by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently, citing Uber and AirBnB in particular. What does it mean for technology to be `disruptive` and what is it that is being `disrupted`?