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Compare and contrast the American Health Information Management Association’s (AHIMA’s) Data Quality Management Model (DQM) in comparison to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)

Demonstrate your understanding of the role of line managers in making reward decisions.

Assess the context of the reward environment and the key perspectives that inform reward decisions.

Your organisation is based in two different countries (the UK and another country of your choice). Write a short account which briefly assesses the labour market trends in each country.

An assessment of at least four factors which might impact on an organisation’s business and its HR function.

You have been asked by your CIPD Branch to lead a discussion at one of its events on ‘The evolving role of HR in the contemporary business world’.

In consultation with your tutor, select an article that identifies and evaluates research evidence linking HR practices with positive organisational outcomes.

Your CEO has asked for a report on the contribution of the HR function to the business. In preparation for the report, give a brief summary of the criteria and methods available for use in evaluating the HR function’s contribution.

Give examples of the main organisational objectives that the HR function is responsible for delivering and briefly explain how these have evolved/are evolving in contemporary organisations.

Draw meaningful conclusions from the review of the different information sources.

Undertake a critical review of different information sources (at least four) e.g. research digests, academic and professional literature, online databases, key texts relevant to the selected area of practice.

Identify, summarise and explain 3 external factors. For example: limits to immigration (P), interest rates (E), ageing population (S), artificial intelligence (T) GDPR (L), increase of green policies (E)

1. Assess a range of different factors which impact on an organisation’s business and its HR function.

Evaluate what it means to be an HR professional, making reference to the current CIPD Profession Map.