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Demonstrate an ability to make sense of marketing and customer facing activity

Utilise analytical and problem-solving skills under time constraints to identify issues of EU law, selecting relevant legal principles to reach logical conclusions

Critically evaluate the nature and framework of EU law

Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge and understanding of strategic information, including financial statements, corporate reports and CSR reports related to the nature and characteristics of strategic issues and problems

You must include this with your proposal to evidence specific timescales for the completion of your research (2.2)

What do you consider to be the most effective pedagogic principles for teaching in your subject area today

Discuss the social order of society in the movie. What are the characteristics of that society? (5) (urban or rural, mechanical or organic)

Contrast the main approaches to the study of leadership and the approach relevant to the organisation.

You should then choose One priority Starbucks’ Stakeholder Group from this list and provide a clear definition of this Group.

You will be able to develop your understanding of contemporary developments in retail theory and practice and how these contribute to organisational success

How do these choices relate to the context in which the texts are situated and to the broader socio-cultural context

Identify and define what a business is and it operating functions in terms of business costs

You are required to do some personal development planning. Consider your strengths and weaknesses in terms of your interpersonal skills; what do you want - or need – to do to improve your employment prospects

K2 Identify and describe current and potential marketing issues, which impact upon organisations.