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Design/adapt a course and syllabus for a group of students you are teaching or have access to, giving the rationale for your choices

1. In what ways do you expect to be impacted by cultural diversity in your future practice as a Registered Nurse?

Read the scenario provided in Appendix 1 to this assessment task and tasks A and B.

1.1 Explain why operations management is important for Euro Tunnel, or any organization of your choice

How does social theory inform, explicitly or implicitly, the conceptualization of the project or problem under study?

1. Evaluate the importance of organisational design to the delivery of sustainable performance

Produce a reflection on your personal brand and actions you plan to take to achieve your goals

2. Can the Commonwealth take over responsibility for funding public transport in Australia? Why or why not?

1. There has been much talk of `disruptive technologies` by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently, citing Uber and AirBnB in particular. What does it mean for technology to be `disruptive` and what is it that is being `disrupted`?

1. Examine appropriate research methodologies and approaches as part of the research process

1. Critically analyse the marketing strategies adopted by McDonald’s in India.

Complete a PESTLE and SWOT analysis of the DVD/CD/ Computer gaming industry

business plan on real estate investment by adopting the “Business Model Canvas Methodology”.

Identify the role of IT in the success or failure of your chosen organisation