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you will choose one market area (e.e sport and physical recreation), and research this market using current data, surveys, industry reports and academic articles

Take a publicly traded company/ case study of your choice. Examine the capital structure and discuss and evaluate the company’s approach to capital structure.

LO3: Demonstrate leadership skills managing a team in healthcare practice.

LO1: Describe the competencies required of an operational manager in healthcare practice.

LO3 Explore quality improvement requirements in a care setting

LO1 Assess the impact legislation and policy has on measuring and monitoring quality of practice in health and social care

1. Explain what is meant by the term “the marketing concept”. Under this concept, what is the principal aim of marketing?

After many years of double-digit growth in sales and net revenue, the company’s sales grew only 1.12 percent and net revenue dropped 17.2 percent from 2000 to 2001

To enhance students’ comprehension, critical awareness and application of Contemporary Person Centred/Experiential Theory and Practice

Explain the role of practice-based research in the context of counselling and psychotherapy

3.2 Describe ethical and unethical conduct in relation to cybersecurity.

Identify routine importance of cybersecurity testing.

Outline how cybercrime can affect individuals and organisations.

D(1) Contribute innovative independent ideas and code to a project.